5 Ways To Boost Your Link Building Conversions

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It is quite undeniable that link building SEO tactic brings a great amount of benefits for one’s website. Google has started suspending local listings a long time ago and link building still stands considered as one of the most prominent tasks to be completed when building a website. Google usually bases the traffic on applied links that are carefully chosen and comply with the niche of the particular website in question. The main tendency of Google has always been to satisfy all customers and a search result for a keyword phrase would always give as many options that are related to that particular keyword phrase as possible. But one cannot solely leave it to that. If you manage to link your website or blog to another similar website, you will surely get more and more traffic every day.

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Try to boost your link building conversions in order to boost the overall success of your blog or website. Following are 5 ways to boost your link building conversions:

  • Find the right links: Every website needs links, so a website creator has the job of sending many emails, usually to bloggers who work in the same niche. Nowadays, the focus is slightly changed and people are now more focused on the content of the website they are looking into. This is why it is absolutely crucial that you choose links connected to the things you are talking about. When people search for something, they have an idea of what they are looking for and they will not follow a link that does not make any sense to them or simply does not interest them.


When forming a blog or a website, try to apply links that relate to it and engage the visitors to follow the links until they find what they were looking for. In this way, you are not only helping your own website by attracting the right audience, but also helping the audience find a website that offers exactly the thing they have been looking for.


  • Create a good outreach email: Bloggers have limited time nowadays and they often tend to copy and paste emails from previous bloggers in order to make link connections. Try to find the time to show more interest in the cooperation with other bloggers. After all, they are here to help you improve the overall success of your website and your business and link building for SEO is one of the most important factors in website creation. The chance of a blogger being interested in cooperating with you is much bigger when they receive an e-mail that is not simply an automatic invitation for link building. They probably receive those every day.


  • Be short and precise: Be short when making connections with a blogger. In order to link your profile to another profile or website, you do not need to go an extra mile. Try to work smart and include only the important points. Your invitation should be interesting and understandable and should not cause trouble and take a lot of time of the colleague on the other side of the message. Researchers have shown that people with a lot of work in their hands simply scroll trough e-mails, so it is crucial that you highlight the most important points of your message. In this way, you will increase the chance of link building with a blogger writing in the same niche as you.

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  • Do not overwhelm the other bloggers: Do not expect a lot from other bloggers. The same as you, people do not have a lot of time to spend on things that are not so relevant to them. Of course, link building is also important for their website, but if you ask them to do too much work, they will surely turn you down. At a point, you have to ask for a link, but try to be smart about it. There are many ways to do that.


Try to point out towards your website and the place where you want to place the link so that the blogger has a visual image on what your cooperation will mean for their website. Also, make sure to provide some ideas about the future cooperation. These ideas should assist them to apply a link naturally. And finally, you should always send bloggers the embedded HTML code. They have to have the security of having an option to make changes if necessary.


  • Never stop with link building: Link building is not something you stop working on when your site becomes successful. Websites change daily and new, better websites come on the market every day. Do not get stuck with old websites that come out of fashion or simply become neglected. Try not to forget about link building solely because your business has bloomed. You may find your website rating lowered one day just because you gave up on link building.


Search for new, innovative and successful bloggers in your niche and try to stay in touch with those who are in touch with the latest trends. This will not only help you find relevant information, but will also attract the new generations of customers interested in your niche.

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SEO Link building campaigns are crucial for every website owner or blogger. The better your conversion rate is, the more traffic you can get as a result. You will not be relieved from campaigns as you grow as a business, but the time spent on their planning would definitely be shorter if you succeed. Creating a successful online platform can mean a lot to anyone who has a blog or a website. Connecting with the right people and websites is perhaps the most important factor in the process. Follow these five simple ways to boost your link building and you will most probably achieve a conversion rate that exceeds your expectations. Maybe it does not seem so right away, but this would mean a huge difference in both short and long term.


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