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10 Tips to Create a Powerful Landing Page Design that Converts

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In digital marketing arena, landing page is a powerful medium for generating leads and quickly closing the sales. If you are considering running a PPC campaign, your entire investment will ultimately turn out to be worthless if your landing page … Read More

10 Must-Have Features for E-commerce Sites

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E-commerce is not just about selling products online. There are several sites today that sells exciting gadgets, inexpensive clothes, children toys, books and lot more other products. As a result, e-commerce business owners struggle to get enough visitors and customers … Read More

10 Ways To Protect Your Site From Google Penalties

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Google’s primary aim is to provide highly relevant, quality services to the people using it. This has lead to penalizing websites that do not conform to the guidelines of Google and white hat SEO. Google usually penalize websites in two … Read More

10 Ways to Maintain Your SEO Rankings after Reaching The Top

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If you are reading this blog, you are probably already a success. Your website has achieved the desired number one spot in the search results for its targeted keyword. Now, when people type in what you want them to type … Read More

6 Web Design Trends You Must Know for 2017

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Who can forget the GIFs of the ‘90s, or the more up-to-date focus on flat design? Recently, we’ve seen a surge in popularity of responsive web design, as more and more sites join the drive to become ‘mobile ready’ which … Read More

16 useful Free WooCommerce Extensions

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WooCommerce — the open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress has become hugely popular among retail giants. Around 171,000 online retail outlets have adopted this plugin to bring home more happy sales figures. Its tagline of “Sell Anything Beautifully” has created … Read More

5 Ways To Boost Your Link Building Conversions

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It is quite undeniable that link building SEO tactic brings a great amount of benefits for one’s website. Google has started suspending local listings a long time ago and link building still stands considered as one of the most prominent … Read More

Useful Ways To Use Ebooks To Attain Content Marketing Goals

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The concept of “fat” content is popular these days, and it is the key focus of marketers everywhere. Fat content, popularly recognized as ebooks includes different content types, such as, videos, white papers, infographics, etc in content marketing industry. Did … Read More

Is a big Google search update happening?

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The SEO community is vigorously talking about two Google updates, one with the core web search results and one with the local pack results. Have you checked your Google organic search traffic this morning? If not, you may want to. … Read More

Case Study: Rank website to Google 1st page within one month

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Recently I did SEO experiment. I successful rank my money keyword to 1st page within a month. Here I will tell you the details of my process. (Download xlsx sheet here for my works) What you will learn from my … Read More

300 awesome free things: A massive list of free resources you should know

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A. FREE WEBSITE + LOGO + HOSTING + INVOICING HTML5 UP: Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 site templates. Bootswatch: Free themes for Bootstrap. Templated: A collection of 845 free CSS & HTML5 site templates. WordPress.org | WordPress.com: Create your new website … Read More

The history of web design

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Since 1990, the first markup language is launched providing the basic building blocks for webpages. After that Table-based web design is introduced and soon takes over the web. From 1995-2007 flash website is getting popular. Following the mobile change, website … Read More

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Website For Mobile Devices

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Mobile devices are becoming more and more adopted as a platform for ecommerce and an important part of web design. Their widespread usage can no longer be ignored and it has been estimated to account for more than half the … Read More

A personalized web experience how important is it

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A personalized web experience is a unique thing anyone can have. But what exactly is it? And how important is it? What is a personalized web experience? All of us have used (or at least heard of) Facebook. You may … Read More

How to Fix the Problem – When Websites Designs Actually Go Bad

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Many online businesses think that their website is leaving an overwhelming impact on the viewers but, they forget that a website is worthless until it is not designed to run on Smartphone smoothly. A nicely created website results in exceptional … Read More

Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant

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Get up to 70% of eligible third-party costs supported under the Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant. These costs cover activities such as: Overseas market set-up Identification of business partners Overseas market promotion Click here for full list of supportable activities. … Read More