Landing page

A landing page is a common term in digital marketing which refers to a separate page which is created particularly to boost marketing or an advertisement campaign. It is the web page where you will land upon clicking on an SEO (search engine optimization) search result or even an online advertisement.

The design of a land page is created with the main objective being to lead the visitors of a website to Call to Action (CTA). The simplicity of the page makes it ideal for boosting the campaigns for your Google AdWords by improving their conversion rates.

Perhaps you have also heard about organic search traffic, paid search traffic or both. Well, these two, play a significant role in online marketing in their different capacities. For you to understand to differentiate a landing page from other web pages like homepage, you need to be familiar with the concepts of organic search traffic as well as paid search traffic.

Landing Pages, Organic Search Traffic and Paid Search Traffic

Basically, a landing page is created for paid traffic such as Google Adwords. Upon inputting a search query on Google, you will see a standard Google search results page (SERP). The results on the page comprise of Google AdWords and Google shopping Ads (both of which are paid results), Google featured snippet as well as organic search results.

The organic search results are normally found at the bottom of the SERP and comprise of your website’s links chosen by Google upon entering a search query. That explains the logic behind having a website; so that people can find you through organic search.

When it comes to the paid search results (Google Adwords and Google shopping ads), they are normally found at the top of Google’s SERP. Google Adwords are found top-left while Google shopping ads are located top-right side of the page. In both, you have an option to link your visitors to the homepage of your website or an independent landing page which is particularly designed for that specific ad campaign. Of course, the latter is the better option.

landing page-vs-Homepage

What differentiates a homepage from a landing page?

Unlike a landing page which has only a few links, sometimes even a single link, a home page has very many links, like tens of them. For instance, a website with a homepage with 43 links can have a landing page with only one link.

Due to fewer links, the landing page of your ad campaign has minimal distractions and this will make conversion rates of your paid advertising to shoot higher. That is the precise reason why professional marketers dealing with paid advertising usually direct their ad traffic to a landing page dedicated to a particular ad campaign.

Landing Page types

Landing pages come in two standard structural types,

  • lead generation landing pages
  • click-through landing pages.

Lead generation landing pages also called lead gen or if you like, lead capture pages, are primarily used for business-to-business marketing. These pages have their Call to Action as a web form. The purpose of having the form as a Call to Action is to collect lead data like names as well as email addresses of the visitors.

Click-Through landing pages are mostly applied to e-commerce. The Call to Action of a landing page of this type is a simple button.

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