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Search Engine Optimization

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SEO facts

SEO Can Expand Your Business Reach

After you have launched a new website for your business. Well, if you think you are all done, wait, as it’s just the beginning. A well-designed website is the first step to creating your online presence, but if you really want to get some actual benefit out of it, you must think about attracting visitors and this is when S services come into limelight. Potential customers find a website through search engine results and if our site is nowhere in first few search engine results pages, you are losing numerous sales opportunities.

“We deliver the best result possible!” - Google

How Google deliver your website as the best result?


Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use complex algorithms to rank websites on the Internet depending on their relevance to a query posted by a user. These algorithms take into account 200+ different factors such as website’s content, keyword usage, site speed, site speed, quality of inbound link, the customer interaction with the site, and many other factors. Google takes into account all these factors while ranking your website. The websites that Google ranks on the 1st page of its search results are the ones that it considers to be the most useful and relevant to the given search term.

Search Engine Optimization technique follows the best practices to manipulate Google search algorithms and increase your website’s ranking in SERPs. It’s all about optimizing your website for search engines so that it can be easily found by your potential customers online.

Why Businesses Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Having a great product range or a well-designed website alone are not enough to entice customers to your website. It won’t generate sustainable traffic, rankings, or sales through the roof. To keep up with the ever-increasing competition and to have a strong online presence, you’ll need a strong SEO strategy that compels search engine algorithms to rank your website higher in SERPs. When search engines find and rank your site, then people within your target audience can find you easily, and you will be on the way to growth.

What is Link Building and Why is it Important for Businesses?

While there are numerous inbound marketing methodologies available today to improve your site’s visibility, link building is still counted among the best. Link building is actually a technique of acquiring backlinks that point to your site. It helps you build relationships and increase brand awareness and conversions. However, the same technique can put your site in jeopardy if done wrong.

Link building is no longer submitting poorly written content to dozens of low quality, irrelevant sites. Many SEO agencies try to trick their clients by showing them an unending list of links that are actually of no use. With these spammy links, although they become successful in getting the website on Google’s 1st page, but the ranking drops eventually after first few months. Unnatural links can also penalize you by Google.

Google algorithms have become smarter than before and they always strive to create best user experiences. Therefore, it has become crucial that you follow right link building strategy if you want to get genuine results without putting your site at risk.

When our clients ask us to build effective links, we don’t just focus on usual metrics. We, instead, focus on creating relevant, high-quality content that actually give value to the readers and drive quality traffic to your website. We don’t just drive traffic; we drive ‘real’ traffic that can earn you leads.

From submitting your content on high domain authority blogs and social bookmarking sites to distributing press releases to PR agencies, we follow the best practices of link building. This is what differentiates us from other inbound marketing agencies in Singapore.

Why Website Content is Important?

Content is the backbone of any marketing campaign. In order to delight both search engines (who will reward you with high rankings over time) and visitors (who will become your potential customers), you need to offer them value in the form of information. Creating high quality content is one of the most important practices of legitimate SEO. Although, it is a daunting task to create high quality content and requires more initial effort, right strategy and planning, but it guarantees that you will be immune from Google’s constant updates. Novage provide the best SEO copywriting to get your website rank better.

We Get You to the Top

Novage Communications is a highly skilled SEO agency in Singapore that helps you to improve your site’s visibility and profitability. We are a specialised team of search engine optimisation experts who optimize your website not only for Search Engines but customers too. SEO consists of 2 techniques – on page and off page. Being a web design agency, we can not only handle off-page, but on-page optimization as well.

A website which lacks high quality content can struggle in organic search. Our content writing experts craft content that helps businesses find their digital voice and unlock their potential.

Moreover, we carry out SEO in the process of web design and development for our clients as an added benefit so that you don’t have to later invest in on-page SEO once you have your website up and running. Our easily understood SEO reports and analysis gives you full visibility so can see results on your own.

Get rid of those SEO agencies that put your website in trouble with their unquestionable techniques and charge you several thousand dollars without giving results. With our risk-free white hat (recommended) SEO technique, you can stay assured that your site is in safe hands. Whether you’re a small start-up looking for an online exposure, a medium sized business who wants to move into the next level of growth, or a large organisation seeking market share, our SEO campaigns are tailored to your unique needs and budget.

Why Choose Novage Communications?

1. Everything Under One Roof:

We are both web-design and SEO experts, which means you get the best on page and best off page optimization. Many companies either offer SEO or web design, but at Novage you’ll get the best of both worlds. Get complete value of your investment under one roof.

2. In-house SEO service:

Many web design agencies in Singapore outsource the SEO services to India because they don’t have right skills and sufficient resources to carry on this job. Our SEO is in-house and we have specialized team of professionals to handle your projects.

3. Risk-Free Approach:

We only practice authentic and white-hat Search Engine Optimization services. We won’t use any of those link-buying, link-swapping and other black- and grey-hat techniques that could expose your business to the risks of penalties from Google. So, you can stay assured that your site is in safe hands.

4. No Excuses, Guaranteed Results

With our results-oriented SEO techniques, we ensure that you will be ranked on Google’s first page. Don’t waste your hard earned money and precious time with promises when we GUARANTEE results. Don’t pay us a dime until your site is ranked!

5. Proven Methodologies:

Our proven SEO techniques include natural link-building through content marketing, backend SEO modification, on-page keyword research and optimization, social media marketing and sharing, among many others.

6. Proven Track-Record:

We are ranked #1 for the keyword “vegetable wholesaler” for our customer Thygrace Marketing, Ms Lissa, the Lady Boss told me "The business is too much to hand after the keyword rank to the top of the page".

7.Meaningful Real Time Reporting:

Everyone wants to know how their investment is paying off. We offer detailed, real-time analysis reports to let you track your progress as it happens. Our intuitive SEO report provides actionable insights into SEO performance on an ongoing basis.

Everyone wants to know how their investment is paying off. We offer detailed, real-time analysis reports to let you track your progress as it happens. Our intuitive SEO report provides actionable insights into SEO performance on an ongoing basis.

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