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An effective pricing structure

Based on our years of website design experience, we know what it takes to make a website great. Therefore, our core website package and the pricing structure rely on the knowledge. The package is one of the most important things you need to take your business a notch higher for success. The compatibility of the package to all businesses is a big plus to our clients.

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The Strategic Web Design functionality

The price of a package for a One-Page Website with
basic functionality is from $1500. 
If you have more than 1 page, please CONTACT US for quotation.

You should know: What is Strategic Web Design

The package consists of:

In this package, we offer you an hour of discussion with our team of website experts in Novage office. This is a great avenue for us to have a better understanding of your business in terms of its goals and the products or services that it offers. We’ll also work hand in hand with you in the planning of your upcoming website prior to proceeding to design it.

We will create you a website customized to address your unique business needs. It is a website that will help your business grow, besides being engaging to your targeted clients. It will come with exclusive web designs that will not only delight you but also very appealing to your audience.

The website that we’ll build for you will have a design that will entice the majority of visitors to respond to your specific call to action, hence high conversion rate. A call to action could be to fill out a contact form, purchase a good or service or contact you.

A core package website from us comes with a blog section that is not only friendly to users but also tailored to have the specific features that you would want it to possess. Besides, the online blog is easily readable by the visitors of your website and can be easily shared in other online platforms.

We built websites on WordPress so that their owners can fully access them. With the accessibility, you can easily modify your website when it goes live. Again, WordPress is very reputable and so, you have nothing to worry about the safety and performance of your site.

After designing your website, we’ll schedule you an appointment to teach how you can succeed in your online business through digital marketing.

Website with extra functionality

If you have specific extra functionality that you would want to be featured on your website, then you’ll certainly have to pay a relatively higher price than a basic website. The price for the website will be dependent on the extra features that you would want the site to have.

Some of the features that you may prefer include:

If you want a website where you can sell the tangible products that business deals with, then an online shop comes in handy. An online shopping cart can also be an important website feature for businesses that sell digital products like ebooks and online courses, among others. With an online shopping cart, you can receive orders and organize deliveries, among other relevant transactions, hassle-free. We are expert on WooCommerce.

Having a scheduling calendar on your website will be a huge plus for your planning, especially if your business deals with appointments. The business could be a hair salon, counseling office, business consultation or online coaching. This tool help to avoid double bookings by your clients since it arranges your diary.

If you need to create a list of potential clients then you can’t afford to have a website without an email signup form. It is through the form that you’ll be able to contact information (such as email address and phone numbers) of prospective customers. With this information, you can reach them easily for news update as well as new offers. In such a case, a tool like Aweber or Convert Kit on your website will be a necessity for storing the customers’ information.

A portfolio section on your website will be a great spot to showcase your work if your business deals with the offering of visual services such as graphic designing, interior decoration, architectural services and the like. On this section, people who visit your website can easily have a look at your past projects.

The content on your website ought to be done professionally since customers will judge your professionalism from the way you express yourself through the content. However, if you don’t have the expertise to create your web content like a pro, don’t worry, we can help. Content from your previous website can also be made better.

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