WooCommerce: What is it?

WooCommerce refers to a plugin which upon integration with your WordPress website makes it an e-commerce site with all relevant functions by only clicking a few times. WooCommerce offers 43,240,849 downloads to web users and supports more than 28% of the entire online stores. Apparently, it is the most widely used eCommerce program according to Builtwith. Therefore, you should not worry about uncertainties; many other website owners have tested and approved the platform.

Why should you use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce has a publicly accessible design hence can be fully modified and shared by businesspeople across the globe. With this platform, you can explore more business solutions as compared to when using conventional eCommerce platforms. Your creativity will be the only constraint while using WooCommerce on your website.

  1. A trustworthy platform
  2. Excellent content integration
  3. A flexible system
  4. Sell any good or service
  5. Limitless

1. A trustworthy platform

built on WordPress and audited frequently by Sucuri, WooCommerce is a platform that you can fully trust. 26% of all websites are run by WordPress while Sucuri leads in web security industry. Therefore, you can rest assured that there’s no way you can go wrong with WooCommerce.

2. Excellent content integration

WooCommerce has a top-notch system management which enables it to integrate your business with content flawlessly. Anything you require is within your easy reach at a single spot.

3. A flexible system

WooCommerce gives you the flexibility to add the features you need in your e-commerce. Besides, it is compatible with various WordPress plugins, enabling you to maintain your favorite WordPress plugin features.

4. Sell any good or service

With WooCommerce integrated to your website, you can sell any product, whether a good or a service. Whether you want to sell physical products, content or subscriptions’ digital downloads, WooCommerce has you covered.

5. Limitless

WooCommerce is fully an open-source platform, meaning that you have full control and ability to modify any feature in it. This gives you the flexibility to add as many products and users as you may want, besides taking limitless orders.
Global community: the developers and stores of WooCommerce are drawn from various parts of the globe; from Europe to Africa, from Asia to North America.

Major Features for WooCommerce

  • Made for developers
  • Easy Installation, Setup, and Integration
  • Data Control
  • Feature-packed Shopping Cart
  • Complete Control of Products
  • Easy Shipping
  • Easier Tax Management
  • A Leader in Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  • Keeping You Informed
  • Customer Management
  • Easy Mobile E-Commerce
  • Fully Extendable

Designing and development of an e-commerce website
using WooCommerce at Novage Communications

We, Novage, have highly qualified professional web designers and developers who make us one of the giant companies in the web design and development industry.

We use WordPress as a content management system in our website designing and development services, while WooCommerce serves as the plugin framework. This approach places us on top of the game as far as the development and designing of websites are concerned.

Are you in need of a new eCommerce website or you want to modify and power your WordPress website to make it an eCommerce tool for bringing you revenue? Whichever the case, we can sort you out.

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