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Responsive Website Design

“A responsive website design is enabling businesses to reach, connect and retain more customers.”

responsive web design

Having a responsive web design can greatly improve the overall performance of your business in Singapore. A responsive web design refers to a design that allows for optimal interaction experience and viewing. This experience entails easy navigation and reading without or with minimal scrolling, planning and resizing in different devices such as the monitors of desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Features of a responsive design

A responsive design for a website design Singapore can have many features that are aimed at enhancing user experience. However, there are major features that a website design should have to be responsive.They include:

Benefits of having a responsive website

There are many benefits that your business will enjoy once you let us design a responsive website for you.They include:

Responsive website, or Mobile app?

responsive web design or mobile application

A responsive web design and mobile applications have become very popular among modern businesses. The difference between a responsive website design and a mobile app is simple. A mobile app is an application that is designed and developed to run on different devices that have web browsers through the internet from the central server. It differs from a responsive website because it is not a website but an application.

The choice between a mobile app and a responsive web design should be made on the basis of the specific needs of a business and the target prospects. For more guidance on how to choose between a mobile app and a responsive website or to get a responsive website design at a reasonable fee, talk to us today.

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