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Content Management System

Content Management System(CMS) is Managing content on your own allows you to publish updates to your website design without having to pay someone else to do so. At Novage, we make it a point to incorporate Content Management System(CMS) in all the websites we build.

We have always preferred using open source CMS systems. Not only do they enable us to tailor websites to meet very specific requirements, they are also cost effective, stable and able to accommodate your website as it grows.

Which Content Management System(CMS) are recommended?

The main CMS platform we work with is WordPress, and for many good reasons, read this article: 5 Reasons Why Using WordPress Is Better Than Building a Website from Scratch. WordPress is ideal when building functional websites. While it comes free, it allows you to easily organise, manage and publish your content, with limitless possibilities for customisation.

WordPress actually began as a blogging tool, but has since evolved into a well established CMS, that is used by leading global organisations including CNN. In any one day, millions of people around the world will be visiting WordPress sites. WordPress is completely customisable, and can be used for virtually anything. Because it's an Open Source project, there are hundreds of people contributing to improving and expanding it on a daily basis, which is more than most other commercial platforms can claim.

The many benefits of CMS - Wordpress

Your partner for the long haul

Even after the launch of your WordPress website, our work is not done. We can and will continue to assist with any of your online marketing / internet marketing efforts, along with constant support and general digital marketing advice to bring you the best outcomes.