How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website in Singapore? – Part Two: Let’s Talk Numbers

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You want a website designed for your business and you understand the different factors that make up the cost: layout, optimization, compatibility, graphic design, a value of expertise, time needed, and a host of other things. Okay, so those things will all come together to create the final cost of a website professionally designed for you.

But, that doesn’t explain why so many web design companies charge so many different prices. So, finally, here is a guide on how much you should actually expect to pay for web design in Singapore. There’s a few things to take note of. First of all, not all website design companies are going to fall neatly into these categories.

Prices will still vary from business to business for many reasons. For one, a team of designers in a company is going to charge more than an individual. When you have your website designed by a company, you are working with a team of specialists who have a different expert for Photoshop and design, CSS, HTML, PHP, copywriting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and programming. How many people are experts at every one of these all on their own? Also, your website’s needs and any special programming or graphic design will affect the final cost.

But, in general, here’s what you should expect to get for your money:

$1000. Put simply, you get what you pay for. You’ll have a website but there’s almost a guarantee that there will be errors somewhere, whether that’s poor photo optimization, messy or outdated coding, or missed optimization opportunities.

$2500-$6000. This is the entry level range. Expect to get a good, professional layout along with things like contact forms, image sliders, opt-ins, photo galleries, blogs, and a design based on your branding. There should be some basic optimization to help with loading times, functionality, and search engines. You probably won’t get any copywriting or content creation and depending on the businesses, your website may or may not be adapted for mobile users.

Often these sites are built on content management systems like WordPress and may even be based on a template that is then customized and tweaked to suit your brand and business. This price-range is ideal for businesses getting started or websites that don’t need complicated systems like shopping carts.

$7000-$10,000. Expect your web developer to sit down with you and plan out a fully-customized design including specifics and details related to branding, style, and layout. It may include basic e-commerce customization requirements.

$14,000-$20,000. You’ll get a solid website with custom programming, forms, functions, photo galleries, keyword optimization, some copywriting, and an online store with lots of products.

$20,000-$40,000. Sit back and relax as your designer does all the work including full content creation and copywriting, full optimization, logo and branding development, and business cards. This is a hands-off approach while your designer deals with everything.

$50,000-$80,000. This will evolve your website into an application with programming and functionality so customized your entire site will be built to satisfy your business’s needs. You’ll probably have a specialized content management system, inventory management for e-commerce, fully customized mobile adaptation, and fully customized branding.

When comparing website design companies and prices, keep their experience levels, portfolios, and what they offer in mind along with their price. Another factor to consider is how much attention you expect to receive from them and if you feel connected and comfortable speaking to them. Hopefully, you are now armed and ready to have your website professionally built for you.


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