Case Study: Rank website to Google 1st page within one month

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Recently I did SEO experiment. I successful rank my money keyword to 1st page within a month. Here I will tell you the details of my process. (Download xlsx sheet here for my works)

What you will learn from my article:

  1. Find your keyword
  2. Domain Name
  3. Hosting
  4. Website Structure
  5. Find out hot topic
  6. Create content
  7. Create meta information
  8. Create internal link
  9. Link building

Let’s start

Find your keyword

  1. Using Keyword Planner to check your preference keyword, I am very lucky to find the high traffic keyword with low competition, and decide to use this one as my money keyword. SEO-CDG-1What is the best keyword should you find?
    1. High Traffic: You can see from Avg. monthly searches
    2. The traffic is increasing monthlySEO-CDG-2
    3. Low competition: After you download the the keyword list from keyword planning, you are able to see the number for every keyword, 1-4 is low, 5-7 is media, 8-10 is high
  2. Based on the KPT(keyword planner tool) find out more keywords that less traffic, because you should not just use 1 money keyword to rank the website


Domain Name

I choose the EMD: “” for testing, next time I will try other domain without keyword.

I read a lot article said you should be very careful when you are using EMD, because you may easily over optimize the link building.


You should use the hosting where your website located. So I choose Singapore host.

Website Structure

Website structure is one of the important part for SEO, google will crawl your website based on your structure, so you need to lead google to find the correct information that you want to show.

Based in Gotchseo, he introduced silo website structure like this:Reverse-silo

Find Out Hot Topic

Find out the hot topic for this keyword, ask yourself some questions about the topic

After you list down the topic, go create article for each of them, that will be useful for your reader.

Create Content

Make sure your content pass copyscape, write SEO content

Create Meta Information

Meta information must be clear to tell google what do you do for this page, every page must be different.

Create internal link

Nature internal link will help google crawl your website

Link building

I did up to 200 links but not all are indexed.

Link building type: Forum answer, PR, Book Mark, Web2.0, Guest blog. Profile, Forum, Article Directory….

Most of the anchor text is my url, my money keyword is used only 5%

Try to make the backlink natural


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