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Attracting new visitors to your site and retaining the existing ones is not a simple chore in this competitive marketplace. Your prospective customers need value in the form of information that solves their challenges and provides solutions to their problems. With great content, average web designs can be overlooked. However, in the absence of high quality, relevant and value-adding content, the most stellar designs go in vain.

Equally important is creating content for search engines to rank higher in search results and get found online. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the businesses to create SEO friendly content that pleases both visitors and the search engines.

Novage Communications is a reputed SEO copywriting agency in Singapore known for creating quality content that speaks your brand. Our SEO optimized website content makes your website highly visible to search engines and your customers happy.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is a specialized form of online writing that focuses on optimizing web page copy by targeting keyword phrases in certain densities and frequencies. These keyword phrases are the words your target readers type into the search box to find information they want. The major search engines including Google use these keyphrases to understand what the page is all about and deliver search results accordingly. In other words, SEO copywriting means creating web page content that is easy-to-find and relevant for search engines.

Why SEO copywriting is important?

Search engines today are more focused on the quality and relevance of content for search queries more than any other aspect. Website content is one of the most important ranking factors of Google and, therefore, it has become a critical marketing resource that needs to be focused on. So apart from creating interesting content that readers enjoy, it must also be able to boost website’s position in the natural rankings and increase web traffic. This is when professional SEO copywriting comes into play. As compared to regular content, an SEO optimized content help search engines find only relevant web pages. It increases visibility of your site by attaining higher rankings on Google.

How to adopt this style of copywriting?

This type of writing involves right content creation strategies and finding keyword phrases that only a professional content copywriter can do. Many inexperienced content creators in the industry believe that SEO content is simply about mentioning keywords several hundred times. But in reality, it is about maintaining the balance between writing with best practices of SEO, while also keeping your target audience in mind. To ensure that your SEO copywriting gets the desired results, you have to strategically place the keywords on every web page. The SEO content forms an important part of the on-page optimization as well where you are required to include relevant keywords in meta tags and title tags as well to get easily found online. In addition to that, you also need to keep the users intent in mind if you want to be read till the end.

So you can say that typical SEO copywriting involves a broader concept than simply putting your thoughts into words.

We create persuasive copy that turns visitors into customers

What you say is just as important as what you sell. So if you are short of the right words and the right skills to sell your brand, outsource this task to Novage Communications, the best SEO copywriting agency in Singapore. Whatever type of content you need, our experienced SEO copywriters will combine the best SEO techniques to create a unique copy that drives traffic to your website and increase conversions. Whether you need SEO website content, blog posts, articles, press releases, or Ebooks we can deliver it with quick turnaround time.

At Novage, we dedicate a lot of time and energy to understand the current needs of users and site visitors in your niche market. Once this is done, we create high quality and evergreen content that boosts your bottom line and make you money. Our SEO optimized content has the highest chances of ranking when related queries are input by users in search engines. We successfully integrate SEO copywriting with regular content writing to help you drive desired traffic to your website and generate leads.

Our content marketing strategy will skyrocket your SEO efforts

As a web development and internet marketing agency, we offer a complete solution to build and promote your brand. From stellar web design and development, to high quality SEO copywriting and Search Engine Optimization Services, we offer a complete marketing package to maximize the chances of your business being found online. To multiply the results, we combine our optimized content with marketing strategies to bring your brand at the forefront. We don’t just write content; we actually make them visible to more users.

From effectively call-to-action buttons to eye-catching remarketing banners and social media campaigns, we know how to represent your business in the best way possible.

Why Choose Novage Communications?

1. Everything Under One Roof:

We offer a complete package to build your brand and put it in front of your audience. From web-design to SEO and copywriting to content marketing, we offer everything under one roof. This means you will receive the best on page and best off page optimization.

2. Storytelling That Sells:

We don’t just write for Google, we write for your customers too. Writing for humans is a different story than writing for Google and we know how to do it. We storytell your brand by including emotions and a sense of trust which people remember and share with others.

3. Only The Best SEO Copywriters:

Many SEO copywriting agencies in Singapore outsource this task to experts in other countries due to the lack of the right skills to carry on this job. Our SEO copywriters are in-house and we have specialized team of professionals to handle your content marketing projects.

4. Proven Methodologies:

Our proven content marketing techniques include on-page keyword research and optimization, social media marketing and sharing, guest blogging, generating lead magnets such as whitepapers, Ebooks among many others.

5. Proven Track-Record:

We have helped both small businesses and major brands to achieve top 5 results in the natural listings of search engines. We provide unique and fresh content that has the greatest chances to be ranked higher by Google.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Novage Communications, the best SEO copywriting agency in Singapore and engage your audience!