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Application Development

As the Internet continues to mature and evolve, many businesses have stopped looking at their websites as marketing tools, but rather pivotal parts of the business. You can use a website to do many things, from communication with customers to commerce and also for increased engagement for relationship building.

Software companies have invested much towards the creation of business tools that can enhance the above functions, but for the average business, the cost of acquiring and further customizing such tools to make them applicable to the business can be exceedingly time-consuming, not to mention costly.

Creating custom applications

Custom applications can work to save both time and resources. Using our design team and expertise, you will end up with an application made exactly for you, with every feature and specification tailor-fitted to support and promote achievement of core business functions and objectives.

Our approach

Each custom project is uniquely developed depending on your layout and functional specifications. At Novage Communications, our team can utilize the whole spectrum of technologies in the creation process. Most commonly, however, we use MySQL and PHP to create powerful product tracking and management systems, content management systems, and e-commerce environments, among others, for our clients.

Custom web application development takes place in three main phases: development, coding and testing. During development, the user interface is generated in brainstorming sessions with your team and a final draft presented to the client. On approval, the next phase is the programming where various functions are brought to life.

This is followed by rigorous tests during which any gaps will be noticed and filled. Prior to the official launch, we install the application in your systems to find out whether it actually works as you intended. After minor tweaks from the testing phase, the application is released.

As with all our work, we offer lifetime support – custom applications must have a robust support team, since errors commonly occur once the system has been fully implemented. This is normal because you cannot cover the entire spectrum of possible functions during the testing phase, especially where there are strict project timelines.

All our projects are accompanied by inherent optimization so that you don’t have to employ another firm at a different point to carry out the optimization function. This increases the quality and consistency of solutions offered at Novage. Call us today with your revolutionary idea and we will call it to existence better than you imagined.

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